Friday, May 20, 2016

Musical Interlude

I was pretty sure that after my medical procedure*, yesterday, I wouldn't have the mental energy to write a blog post for today.

I was right.

But I think that even if I were up to the task, I would have wanted to share this music video, anyway.

When I was in San Diego, in March, I chatted with my favourite actress/model/artist, Kate Kelton, through Twitter. When she read that I was close to Los Angeles, she invited me to one of her art exhibits, but sadly—very sadly—I was unable to make it.

During our chat, she let me know that she was getting ready to do a project with none other than music legend, Eric Clapton. She told me that they were going to be shooting a music video together, and I was very excited for her.

I expected that Kate would be seen in various shots in the video, as part of a story line. What I didn't expect was that the video would also be very much about her, working on her art.

The song, "Can't Let You Do It," is great (after all, it is Eric Clapton), but I really like the video, too, and not just because I'm such a fan of Kate. The lighting is great, with shadows and flashes of light, and fast, jerking camera work, with high angles from above as well as all around Kate in her studio, as she writes out the lyrics to the song. Her own art work is also featured.

The only disappointment that I found with the video is that we only see quick flashes of Kate, and usually from behind, as she's writing or from above. We really don't see her face, so unless you know her or her work, the person in the video could be anyone.

And I like looking at Kate.

Here's the video. Enjoy!

* My procedure went well. Thanks.

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