Friday, May 13, 2016

Photo Friday: Week 19

This year is going quickly.

We're just wrapping up the nineteenth week of 2016. Spring seems to finally be here, with the tulips, the daffodils, and the trees beginning to open their leaves.

Every week, with the exception of one, when I was out of the country, I have made my way to Hog's Back Falls, for my photo project. I have seen the snow and ice slowly melt, the water gush in flooding amounts, and now that the Rideau Canal is filled, the water seems to trickle over the falls.

I've shot lots of slow shutter speeds, to soften the water and show the motion, but I've also stopped the water in its tracks. I've shot in the morning, in the afternoon, and after sunset. The different light can make the rocks change dramatically.

On week 19, I came to the falls twice: once, in the late afternoon; and again, the next evening, at sunset. I chose the latter visit for the project (I only use one shot for each week).

You can see the project in my Flickr album. Only 33 weeks left.

Happy Friday!

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