Friday, May 27, 2016

Photo Friday: No One Likes a Showoff

No one likes a showoff.

In a city of rivers, a canal, and lakes, it's not surprising to see someone out on the waterways, enjoying themselves.

I was reminded of the day, in March, when my family and I hiked up Camelback Mountain, in Phoenix, Arizona: it was a blazing-hot, dry day, and we struggled to get to the summit. The temperature and altitude change—not to mention that we were out of shape—made the climb a brutal task.

When we reached the peak, we saw a young, athletically built young man, perched in a handstand on a rock, performing vertical pushups. I was exhausted just watching him.

No one likes a showoff, mister.

Late yesterday afternoon, I was in Old Ottawa South, walking along the northern shore of the Rideau River, near Billings Bridge, with a dear-old friend, Becky, taking photos and admiring the beauty of flowers, ducks, and geese, when we saw a young woman navigating the gentle current on a paddle board.

We didn't think anything of it until the woman stopped her vessel, secured the paddle at the bow of the board, and began a yoga routine.

Yoga. On a paddle board. In the middle of the river.

No one likes a showoff, ma'am.

Happy Friday!

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