Thursday, February 16, 2017

Booth House

It's been a while since Where In Ottawa has been solved in such a short period of time. The record of six minutes still stands but there are few who can say that they've solved it in less than one hour.

DaniGee is one of those few.

Booth House is a building that she used to walk by regularly, when she worked downtown, and she would often wonder about what it might have been like when it was used as an actual house, rather than its current state.

Located at 252 Metcalfe Street, where it meets MacLaren Street, this Queen Anne Revival house, built in 1909, was the residence of Ottawa's lumber baron, John Booth. Today, it's the Laurentian Leadership Centre Of Trinity Western University.

If you're looking for a career in politics, this is the place to be, in the heart of Centretown.

DaniGee solved the photo challenge in only 39 minutes from the time that the contest opened. She must have studied the ornate stone gables closely. And, with the street number carved in the stones that hung above the front door, there was a way to confirm her suspicions.

Or, perhaps, she just plain knew. Congratulations, Dani!

When I saw this house, I too wondered how it looked in its original setting. What buildings and residences surrounded it? Who were Booth's neighbours?

The next Where In Ottawa is Monday, March 6.

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