Friday, February 24, 2017

Photo Friday: Better Than Real

On Tuesday, as I was getting ready to leave the office for the day, I began to think of my upcoming evening. I had my stand-up comedy class to go to and I would probably pay a visit to the Arrow & Loon, where I would try the latest February seasonal from Beau's.

And, there was still the matter of my POTD project.

At more than 50 days, I'm looking forward to a change in season. I'm running out of ideas for winter shots and there are plenty of images that I'd like to capture as soon as the snow is gone. I have some springtime ideas, summer shots, and autumn images lined up.

Because I can't take a photo of the same subject, I'm finding that I'm running out of ideas. I do have some leeway—if I take a picture of Parliament Hill, for example, I can still shoot the site again, as long as I don't capture the same angle, the same time of day, and so on. I've already taken a photo of downtown Ottawa, from the Gatineau side of the Ottawa River, in which Parliament features. I still feel that I could take a shot of the Centennial Flame, with the Peace Tower in the background, or the Snow Birds flying over The Hill on Canada Day, streaming coloured smoke.

Like I did last summer.

I've already taken a picture of my drone, as it lifted off from a darkened room. It's not a great shot, but I've captured my drone and I won't do it again.

So, on Tuesday, I was thinking about where to drive, in Ottawa, on my way to the Arrow & Loon, before I went to my stand-up class, to take my daily photo. And it occurred to me: why drive south when there are places to the north of me. Working in Gatineau, along Highway 5, I'm at the doorstep of Gatineau Park. It's only a 15-minute drive to Wakefield.

That's where I went.

On an overcast day that threatened to rain, I thought I'd try my luck with the covered bridge. I didn't want stark shadows and wanted a mix of the river and snow, so the light of the day was perfect.

I took many shots at each end of the bridge, as well as inside, but I knew that I wanted to make my way down to the river's edge, and that's where I got my shot.

My photo of the day, aptly entitle, Covered Bridge.

When I returned home, tired, after my class, I processed the photo and posted it to social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. But then, I decided to play with the photo some more, and ran it through Prisma. Again, I shared it, but only on Instagram and Twitter.

I don't post my photos, seeking gratification from viewers liking the shots, though it is nice to see. But what I found was that more people liked the Prisma-filtered shot than the original shot (which has been enhanced, but not by much).

I don't know, what do you think?

Happy Friday!

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