Monday, May 8, 2017

Holy Ghost Chapel

Sometimes, it takes a lot of perseverance to solve a Where In Ottawa challenge. My friend, Becca, has that.

I admit that the clues for the photo contest were cryptic, and that was no accident. I had to dig deep to come up with hints that would lead you to the Holy Ghost Chapel, along the Rideau Canal, and I actually ran out of ideas.

I had to give a street name. Becca, ever-determined, went on Google Street View and took a virtual stroll down a road to find this building.

Congratulations, my friend!

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. No class—the bell in the photo looked more like it belonged in an old school, but it wasn't a school. It's an old church.
  2. No father, nor son—but there is a holy ghost in the name.
  3. Comunidade—this is the Portuguese word for community, and this church is the home of the Portuguese Community Centre.
  4. Main and... Main and...—did you hear an echo? That's because the Holy Ghost Chapel is located at Main Street and Echo Drive.
I think that when I search for next month's Where In Ottawa location, I'm going to make sure I have plenty of clues prepared before I settle on it.

And not mention the street.

The next Where In Ottawa is Monday, June 5.

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