Thursday, May 4, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Gaspé Cruise

For as long as DW and I have been together (more than 28 years!), we have loved to travel.

Only a few weeks into dating, we saw a movie that was set in New York City and as the film ended, the camera sweeping away from the performers and scanning the Manhattan skyline from above, I turned to her and said, "let's go to New York!"

A couple of weeks later, we were there.

In our second year together, in 1990, we bought open-ended Greyhound tickets, packed up our backpacks and camping gear, and headed out east. We stopped in Montreal, Québec City, and then followed along the southern shore of the St.Lawrence River, toward the Gaspé Peninsula. We camped, found bed and breakfasts, and even slept on a bus.

The highlight of the trip was a visit to Percé but, even back then, my feet were giving me problems and I was unable to walk across the sandbar to reach the great rock itself.

We also joined a boat cruise in the Gulf of St.Lawrence, following the high cliffs of Forillon National Park. It was on that cruise that someone offered to take a photo of DW and me, wearing our K-Way-like windbreakers to keep the gulf spray from soaking us. Wanting to hang on to my SLR, I gave the fellow traveller my Nikon One Touch to capture us.

One camera for people: the other, for scenery.

Happy Thursday!


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