Monday, May 1, 2017

Where In Ottawa LXV

Has it been a month already?

This year seems to be going by more quickly than others. It's hard to believe that spring is almost halfway through, especially with this cold, damp weather.

But with the first Monday of the month comes another installment of Where In Ottawa.

New to this challenge? Here are the rules.

Below, you will see a photo that I shot somewhere in the Ottawa area. Your job is to identify the location by leaving a guess in the Comments section of this blog post.
You must leave your guess only in this post to qualify. Because the comments are time-stamped, everyone who plays can see the date and time that an answer is submitted. If you try to guess by any other means, whether you're right or wrong, I won't respond to that guess and you can't win.
For every day that the challenge isn't solved, I'll leave a clue in the top-right corner of my blog. Above my profile picture on the main page of my blog (you can get to the main page by clicking The Brown Knowser title at the top of any post).

There is no prize for winning this challenge, other than bragging rights and getting your name posted in my blog. 

Ready for the challenge? Here it is:

Think you know Ottawa? Prove it! 


  1. Replies
    1. Nice guess, Kerry, but no, I used that school house a few years ago.

      Try again.

    2. you always tell me i'm wrong. no fun at all.

    3. I look forward to the day when I tell you that you’re right. But you'll have to keep guessing for that day to happen.

  2. Portuguese church (Holy Ghost Chapel) at Main and Colonel By.

    1. Oh thank goodness, I don't have to come up with any more clues (and over the weekend)!

      Yes, Becca, you are correct! It is the Portugese Community Centre/Holy Ghost Chapel.