Monday, May 28, 2018

Like Me But Different

There's a film producer, best known for his work on National Lampoon's Vacation, among other titles. A Formula One Managing Director of Motorsports. A software manager. An Australian rower. A comedian-writer-actor. A Belfast Green Party councillor.

There's even a gorgeous British actress.

All of these people have one thing in common: they all have names that are variations of my own.

It's something that I haven't done in years, but this weekend I decided that I would perform a Google search of my name, just to see what came up.

Ever done it, yourself?

What I found most disturbing was that the first auto-prompt, when I started typing my name, was "Ross Brown obituaries." I couldn't help myself: I had to look. Hauntingly, the first Ross Brown on was a man from Massachusetts, who was a year younger than me.

The images that appear when I search for my namesake are diverse. None of them looks like me.

Lucky them.

I guess that if you want to find me, you should add the name of this blog with my own.

What is the strangest result you've discovered when you've searched your name online?

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