Thursday, May 31, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Leisure Shirt

I still have this shirt. I still wear it.

When I put it on, it usually sends the message to all who see me sporting it that I'm relaxing, taking it easy.

Don't ask any work of me.

I bought the shirt in 1998, on the island of Pha Ngan, in the Gulf of Thailand. It was the first purchase when our long boat reached the southwest village of the same name. I held the shirt against my chest and told DW, "This is my perfect island-retreat shirt. When I wear it, it means 'I'm on vacation: leave me alone.'" With it, and a pair of swim trunks, and a cap from an Ontario winery, it was the perfect outfit for being a beach bum.

Our hut, on the north end of the island, was literally 20 steps from the water, right on the beach. The Star Hut restaurant, less than a dozen steps. I could wake up, step over to the patio, eat breakfast, and then wade into the surf in fewer than 40 steps.

DW took this photo of me from outside our hut.
Standing in the same spot, I took this photo of DW. That's how close we were to the beach.
I did that every day.

Now, I put that shirt on when the summer sun bakes our back yard. When my chores are done and I need to change out of a sweat-soaked shirt, I grab this memento from Thailand, grab a cold beer, and find a shaded area in which to sit.

And do nothing.

Happy Thursday!

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