Monday, September 23, 2013

Project in Peril

I'm hoping it won't come to this.

When I started my Bate Island Project, I chose the theme because I thought it would be fairly easy to maintain: stop on Bate Island every single time I drive over the Champlain Bridge, stand in the same spot with the same lens, focus on the same spot and shoot.

Morning, March 22

By choosing this project, I thought it was fairly easy to accomplish because I worked a short distance from the Champlain Bridge, which I had to cross in order to get to the office. I could make a stop on the island park twice a day, something I typically did four days out of the week.

But that has changed.

My company has moved, and although I still work in Québec, crossing the Champlain Bridge isn't always the fastest route to get to work. And, on days that I want to go downtown after work, crossing at the Champlain Bridge after work is a much longer and inconvenient way to go.

Because I go downtown at least once a week, that is two fewer photos from my spot on the island.

If I were to take the fastest way to work (which would only be the fastest on days when I go into the office before rush hour), I would bypass the Champlain Bridge, making a photo an event that would only occur a couple of times a week.

I'm hoping it won't come to this.

So far, I've opted to take the long way to work just so that I can stop and take my photo. And because I've committed to this project, I'm determined to continue making my stops.

Plus, with the sun rising much later, the morning photos are becoming interesting again. And soon, now that autumn has officially kicked in, the leaves should start to change and fall.

From my September 17 set: I actually rejected this photo; for some reason, I didn't want to use the ducks.

I've already decided what to do for my next photo project, which will be a true 365-day endeavor. I'm not saying what it is at this point, but if my Bate Island Project trickles to nothing, I may start the new project sooner.

To see the photos so far for the project, click here.

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