Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Merger from Hell

So, the American Republicans want to shut down their government over the issue of a national healthcare system.

Well, as long as they can afford to do that...

Yesterday morning, on my daily commute, I heard Canadian business columnist, Diane Francis, tell Anna Maria Tremonti, of CBC Radio One's show, The Current, how Canada and the United States should merge into a single, unified country.

In the first few seconds of the interview, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ms. Francis is an idiot.

I mean, I love my American friends, but I certainly wouldn't want us all living under one roof.

Perhaps, on paper, when you break down Canada's resources and the net worth of Canadians, versus the resources and net worth of Americans, that we could solve the economic problems that are plaguing our continent. Perhaps, when you crunch numbers and tally assets, you come up with values that appeal to the business world.

But Americans are more than just assets, Canadians are more than just numbers.

The United States is so divided within itself, not just politically, but along lines of religion, education, and health care. Sure, we have plenty of similarities with our broad cultures, but our differences are stark.

If Canada was to merge with the U.S., would Americans openly adopt regulatory systems that have worked for us, like our banking systems? How about the gun laws and the right to bear arms? Our national sports?

Many conservative Canadians are not as radically conservative as a staunch democrat. Canada, since its inception, has been known as a mosaic of cultures; America, a melting pot.

What defines us as Canadians and what defines our neighbours to the south is something that I would never want to see combined into one.

No, Ms. Francis played with numbers and she formulated an idea based on something she liked about those numbers, and little more. But Canadians and Americans are more than numbers.

If Ms. Francis wants to merge with the U.S., she can move south of the border and see how that works out for her.

In the meantime, America, good luck with the running, or halting, of your country. I think you have enough headaches to deal with.

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