Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It Was Only a Kiss

Is it just me, or does this ad from 1911 freak you out?

I have a few issues with this ad, including the following:
  • Who is this guy? Is he a soldier? A police officer? The milk man? The hat suggests that he is some person of authority. Is he using that authority against the unsuspecting woman?
  • Do not tell her your intentions? If he's going to get that close, aren't his intentions obvious?
  • Do not ask permission to kiss her? It sounds awfully forward and almost like the prelude to an assault.
  • Looking dreamily into someone's eyes might come across like you're on drugs. It's best just to look happy.
  • Sighing a couple of times might give the impression you're impatient. Or bored.
  • What the? Placing fingers under her chin and tilting her head back? Is he giving her an exam or is he trying to be romantic? Is he looking for boogers up her nose?
  • Do not hurry, 'cos, like, you've got nothing better to do.
Is anybody willing to try these moves today? Go ahead: I dare you.

Let me know how it goes.

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