Thursday, May 22, 2014

Take Your Gun to Dinner, Leave Your Brain at Home

I get the Second Amendment to the American constitution. In 1791, just 15 years after Americans fought and gained independence, there was still some unrest. Skirmishes continued between the colonists and native groups. The west was wild.

But that was 223 years ago.

I understand someone wanting to be able to defend himself or herself. But I don't get that person feeling that he or she needs to tote a gun around, especially, an assault rifle.

The recent controversy in the United States, where gun lovers in Texas are exercising their right to carry arms in the open by walking into family restaurants, seems stupid beyond any shred of belief. When restaurant chain, Chipotle, imposed a ban on firearms in its restaurants, along with coffee giant, Starbucks, and other chains like Costco and CVS, it seemed a no-brainer. I mean, who needs to be armed to the teeth when you're enjoying a meal, are shopping, or are sipping a Venti Tazo Chai?

No one.

I can't imagine a rationally minded person thinking that carrying a rifle into a restaurant is a good idea. I can't imagine a rationally minded person thinking that other patrons of that restaurant would not be uncomfortable at seeing an armed stranger walk into such a setting.

I remember seeing signs in restaurants that read no shirt, no shoes, no service. A restaurant had the right to turn away anyone they felt weren't properly dressed. If a patron is disrupting the peace of other customers, a restaurant has the right to ask that person to leave.

And if any business doesn't want people bringing guns into their establishments, they have that right. End of story.

The folks who get upset that they can't enter a store or restaurant armed to the teeth aren't rational. They seem to have picked up their weapons but left their brains at home.

Those companies that have established those gun bans are on the right track. More need to join that mind set. I would argue that there are more Americans that would like to see fewer guns in the open than those who feel they need to carry their weapon around like a smartphone.

Except, it isn't smart.

The fewer guns in people's hands, the safer a community is.

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