Monday, May 26, 2014

Music Monday: Despair

As my big cycling weekend looms close (less than two weeks away), I think that I'm not ready, that I haven't trained enough.

Which is probably true.

But I'm in better shape than I was last year, when I wasn't riding much in the weeks that led to the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. Last year, I had a flat tire after an 86-kilometre trek and went almost two weeks before changing it. I also went to New York City two weeks before the ride, when I should have been dedicated to training.

(I have absolutely no regrets about my NYC trip and would do it again if given the same circumstances.)

This year, I have ridden more times than I had at this point last year. I also got in some cross-training, by swimming a few thousand meters. Yesterday, I rode a 52K loop that took me to North Gower, Kars, and Manotick. Less than an hour later, Lori and I took a white-water canoe training course and were out on the water for more than three hours.

I have had plenty of exercise in the past month or so.

Still, I despair. I should have at least eight weeks of training under my belt; preferably, 10.

But I continue to train. I keep riding. And I will make it to Kingston and back.

Strangely, the following song is part of my music repertoire for riding. It's not your typical, quick-paced tune. But I find it driving, and keeps me going.

No despair.

Here's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with their song, Despair. Which also has a NYC connection.

Happy Monday. And wish me luck on my ride.

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