Friday, October 24, 2014

Photo Friday: Cenotaph

The barricades have come down, the crime-scene tape has been pulled back. It all happened in the hours between when I first arrived downtown and when I headed home.

The investigators had gathered all of the evidence that they needed: there was no reason to keep the public at bay. After all, it was a spot that was typically open to the public, one for us to approach, remember, and reflect.

We now have another reason to do so. We will always remember.

But as Canadians, as citizens of this excellent, strong city, we will also move forward, will show that we can feel the loss but that we will not let it take us down.

And so the flowers and the candles have made their way from the perimeter of the War Memorial to the cenotaph and the very spot were Corporal Nathan Cirillo was felled my a troubled, misguided gunman.

A soldier, who died at the tomb of the unknown soldier, who will never be forgotten.

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