Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Buy Me a Beer?

It's been more than two weeks since I've had a beer. Or anything alcoholic, for that matter. And I'm starting to get thirsty.

Actually, I'm handling it fairly well. I have a can of beer in the fridge, on a shelf that is at eye level. Though, with time, other things have filled the space and pushed that can to the back of the shelf, I can still see the pale-blue can poking through, reminding me that it's there, waiting for me, for when I'm ready to start drinking again.

When I head down into our basement, to bring something up from our deep freezer or to retrieve something from our overflow pantry, I can't help see our beer and wine, stored on shelves or standing in cases, on the floor. I see the fresh collection from my recent vacation, of the bottles that I collected at various craft breweries.

I can't wait to open one of those containers and drink its enticing contents.

I'm not desperate. I can wait.

It's been hardest when I'm sitting at the computer, writing a blog post. Sometimes, when I'm watching a TV show, I think that it would be nice to sip a beer while I'm being entertained.

I thought it would be tempting on the weekend, when I attended a dance party with a cash bar, but one look at what was being offered—Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Labatt 50 and Blue—and I was good. I refreshed myself with a Coke, a ginger ale, and countless bottles of water.

I want a beer, but not that badly.

I want a beer, but I can wait. I have 10 more days.

Want to buy me a beer at the end of my dry spell? You would actually be donating to a good cause if you do.

On Saturday, October 3, I will be cycling 100 kilometres, from Ottawa to Vankleek Hill, to raise money for the United Way. It's a good cause. In signing up for this event, I've already pledged $150, for which I receive a cycling jersey, entrance to Beau's Oktoberfest, and a drive back to Ottawa when I want to go home (with my bike in tow).

By sponsoring me, not only will you be giving to an organization that helps many people in our community who are in need, but you will also be buying me the beer that will not only reward me for a good ride, but will also mark the end of my month without beer (or rather, almost a month: September 7 to October 3).

With even as little as a $1 pledge (and I know you can do better than that), you will be providing me with three beer tokens and a food voucher. You just know I'm going to be starving, as well as thirsty!

With $51 dollars raised, I will also get a beer stein and a Beau's t-shirt. Those will be nice to have, but at this point, it's not about me, it's the help that the United Way so desperately needs.

To sponsor me, go to my Oktoberfest Ride page and help the United Way.

And, in the process, buy me a beer, would ya?

Thank you so much!

(For more information about the Oktoberfest ride, go to http://www.beausoktoberfest.ca/ride/).

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