Tuesday, September 29, 2015

While I Was Waiting

Since I was there anyway, and the main attraction had ducked away, I didn't want to come away empty handed. It was a beautiful, mild autumn evening, and the city was lit before me.

One of my favourite views of Parliament Hill is seen from the Québec side of the Ottawa River, from the Museum of Civilization*. The beautiful buildings are placed on a pedestal, a symbol of what should be good of our great nation. The river, below, strong, steady, unceasing in motion. And the Château Laurier, a castle in our city.

The harvest lunar eclipse may have been bashful, but our city was hiding from no one. I may not have captured a perfect image of the blood moon, but I could certainly capture what lay below.

* Yes, the museum in Gatineau is no longer called the Canadian Museum of Civilization, but to call it by its new name, for me, would be giving legitimacy to the millions of tax dollars wasted in renaming a perfectly good museum.

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