Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Gladstone

I knew that the first photo clue should have been cropped more. I should have taken the first third of the image, or less, should have made the The look like a pattern, rather than the word itself.

It figures that an Ottawa photographer, one who also roams the city, looking for things to shoot, would identify the location of the photograph.

Congratulations, once again, to James Peltzer, who correctly identified this month's Where In Ottawa photo challenge as The Gladstone, the small theatre that is tucked just off the Preston strip, in Little Italy.

The theatre's owner, Steve Martin (not that Steve Martin but also an actor and director), earlier this summer, decided that he wanted to get out of the business end of a community theatre and put the building up for sale. His hope was that an investor who was interested in keeping the Gladstone Avenue venue as a theatre, and last month, his wish came true.

The Gladstone has been sold to someone who wants to keep things as they are. The show will go on—hence, the one and only clue that was posted.

The initial image that I posted for this challenge isn't easily spotted at night, when I took my photos. It is cast in shadow by the name of the theatre and the marquis, below. I was hoping that by shooting at night, I would confuse those of you who were trying to place that swirl.

Apparently, the swirl didn't help James: the clue with the lit word, The, was the giveaway for him.

Which leads me to believe that having photo clues might make this contest easier; and so, next month, I'm returning to the old format of leaving only written clues.

Take that, James!

The next Where In Ottawa is Monday, October 5.

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