Friday, January 27, 2017

Photo Friday: Abandoned Crossing

It's a crossing that I pass a couple of times each week, but it wasn't until I started my Daily Photo Project that I really noticed it.

It's those days when I don't bring a lunch to work, when I don't want to go to the cafeteria where the short-order cook seems to make preparing a club sandwich a chore. The food is okay, but expensive for what you get.

So I jump in the car and head through the residential streets, down the long, steady, and bumpy road that is Chemin Freeman, in Gatineau, to the IGA across St. Joseph Boulevard.

Halfway down that road, when the incline levels out, an abandoned railway line is marked only by the rails that are all but buried in the uneven asphalt and the crossing lights, battered by large vehicles or, perhaps, on purpose, to show that they are no longer in service.

I took maybe a minute to pull over and jump out on that snowy day with my camera in hand. I took a few angles, captured the rails in the roadway. I knew I had my photo of the day but I had another one to play with.

Back in the office, eating my sandwich, I pulled the photos from my camera and onto my phone. I edited the one that I liked the most, in Snapseed, and uploaded it onto Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, as I had with my previous POTDs, and then turned to another that I liked, and played with it some more.

First, in Snapseed, where I enhanced the contrast and then super-saturated the colours. I then used Photo Art, where I rendered the photo in black and white, except for the red of the now-extinguished lamps. Finally, I imported the photo into Prisma, where I applied the Mosaic filter.

It's funny how that app added colour to a photo that only had a bit of bright red.

No matter. I like the results.

Happy Friday!

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