Friday, January 13, 2017

Photo Friday: Just One

Ever since I started this year's photo project—it's already day 13 and it feels like I only began a couple of days ago—I've had my camera on me, or very close by, everywhere I go. I never know if something is going to catch my eye, whether the moment or lighting will be fleeting, and I need to capture it before it changes entirely.

It's been easy to come up with something different over the past 12 days. Only time will tell, as the year moves on, whether I'll be able to find 365 separate subjects.

On the first couple of days, I had ideas of what I wanted to shoot, and I sought them out. An abandoned bus in a farmer's field; Black Rapids, the effects of light snow on ice-covered trees. I would have an idea or I would see the weather, and want to exploit it, somehow. The trouble was that once I was outdoors, capturing these images, I would see more photo opportunities on my way home or later in the day.

My daily photo project is just that: one new image each day. Only 365 photos will be used, every one of them on a different day, on that particular day of the year. Shoot the photo, process it, and post it on social media on that day.

Just. One. Photo.

Of course, if I take other photos that I like, there's nothing stopping me from sharing them on my blog.

Happy Friday!

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