Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Flip a Coin

I'm bringing a coin with me.

This provincial election has been a pain in the ass. Before the election was called, I was determined to not vote Liberal. I had voted for Kathleen Wynne in the last election, believed that she would keep the provincial hydro company in public hands, that she would reduce hospital wait times, and ease the cost of higher education.

Four years later, I've been disappointed. And while our province is still one of the strongest in our country, our debt was skyrocketing and there seemed to be so much waste, so little gain for the average Ontarian.

It's time for a change.

Perhaps, I thought, it was time for me to vote for a party whose values most-closely align with mine, the NDP. I voted for Bob Rae in 1990, and while things didn't go as he planned, his heart was in the right place. He had vision, a sincere desire to make things better for the people of the province, and I have no regrets in casting that vote.

No political party is perfect nor has all the answers.

Perhaps, I'll vote Green. After all, I did watch the debate for the six candidates in my riding. In that debate, I actually thought that the Green party's candidate for my riding, James O'Grady, came across as the strongest. His answers were direct, straight-forward, and he didn't try to deflect.

And, as my family has started informing me, he bears a striking resemblance to me.

(I don't see it.)

So, yes, it's time for a change.

But not an entire swing to the other end of the political spectrum.

Doug Ford, as far as I'm concerned, is not qualified to lead our province. Had Christine Elliott won the PC leadership, I would have lent some credibility to the party. So far, through this election, Ford has only shown that he enjoys trashing the Liberals and NDP with sound bites that appeal to his core (which bears a strong resemblance to the core of the snake-oil salesman who currently occupies the White House) and has made promises of spending and massive tax cuts, with absolutely no clear plan on how to achieve any of it.

He wants a blank cheque. Don't dare demand how he's going to do any of it.

And, if I hear him say "my friends" one more time, I'm going to vomit.

The chances of me voting for our incumbent MPP would be nil, anyway. I can't stand her, as a politician, and personally.

So, I had gone from decided, to undecided, back to decided, and once more, to undecided. I've talked to a few folks at the CBC about my thoughts, and sometime this week (today or tomorrow), my thoughts might be shared on air.

As I said, I may bring a coin to the ballot box. But whatever happens, one thing is for certain: I'm going to vote. Staying at home is not an option.

The same goes for you. Whatever your political leanings, whatever your feelings on the candidates, get out there an cast your vote. It matters.

In this election, perhaps, more than ever.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I hope you will decide to go Green this year. It’s time for change and as I wrote during the 2007 Ontario provincial election... There’s only one Green Party if you want real Change. The difference is we know how to implement green programs so that we’re not forcing people to do things they don’t want to do. It’s called public consultation. Participatory Democracy is a Green Party core value. In other words, we won’t do anything without first asking what people think. Wow, what a concept! :) Thanks again for the mention. All the best! PS: I think your family is pulling your leg...