Monday, June 11, 2018

From One Photo Walk to the Next

By the time a photo walk has wrapped up and I take the time to review and process the images that I've captured, the last thing on my mind is another photo walk.

This time, it's different.

In the past, when I've set a date for a photo walk, I have notified people through The Brown Knowser and through Twitter. For my recent walk, which took place last Friday, I also notified a Facebook photographer's group, the Ottawa Area Photographers.

The response from the group was almost immediate and positive. Within a couple of days of posting my event, which I managed through Eventbrite, the event was more than 75-percent sold out. In just over a week, all the spots were taken and I opened four more. Within a week of the event, it was sold out.

Event sends an automated message 48 hours before the event to everyone who has signed up: only, for my event, the wrong time was provided in the message, whereby the start time was moved up by four hours. I've used Eventbrite about 20 times and it's never done that before.

Immediately, some of the folks who signed up contacted me, wanting to know why I had changed the time. Some mentioned that they couldn't come at 3:30 in the afternoon, and would have to decline. A couple of people, who didn't contact me, cancelled their reservation.

I hope that they didn't cancel because of the erroneous time change.

The weather was perfect. Not too warm, with a gentle breeze. The sunset was spectacular as we reached the Alexandra Bridge. We moved much slower than I had planned—mostly, because I moved much slower than I had intended. Some photogs left as the two-hour planned time approached, while others stayed longer.

In the end, four of us lasted until almost midnight.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Because of the positive responses that I've had from the attendees, from my Facebook group, and from Twitter, I'm already thinking about the next photo walk. My first thoughts were in a couple of months, in early August, but I'm thinking that too many folks will be on vacation (I know that I'll be away for the last half of that month). Perhaps the second weekend in September?

I'm thinking about holding in an afternoon, in the Glebe. More details will come in the next month or so. If you'd like to come along, follow me on Twitter or follow my hashtag, #BKPW. I will, as always, post an official event on Eventbrite and will provide details, here, when a date is set.

Stay tuned...

I've already shared some of my photos through various social media. I'll share more, this week, for Wordless Wednesday.

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