Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Under The Umbrellas

As I whined, last week, about my black-and-white photo project and how I'm getting tired of schlepping around three or more cameras, every day, I'm reminded of a stop that I made, last Friday, on my morning commute to work.

In a couple of Facebook photo groups I follow, on Instagram, and on Twitter, I noticed that various local photogs had discovered a spot where several coloured umbrellas were hanging, suspended, in close formation, as though they were all floating earthward, their handles pointing toward the direction of the ground. The effect was so cool that I thought I had to find this area and capture images for myself.

Of all the photos I saw, no one revealed the location of this display of parasols. It wasn't until I saw one photo, with a familiar building in the distant background, that I knew exactly where this spot was. I waited until the next morning where the forecast called for clear skies, and left for work a little earlier than usual.

The detour was only slight.

So there I was, at 6:30, on Friday morning, with four cameras: my Nikon D-SLR, my Canon PowerShot compact digital, my Android smartphone, and a Ricoh 500G manual rangefinder, with black-and-white 35mm film. And above me, countless colourful umbrellas.

(I'm sure I could count them, but I was on the clock.)

I used all of the cameras, reaching into my bag, pulling out one device, shooting images, putting the camera away, grabbing the next one, and so on... wanting to know how each camera captured the images.

In no particular order, here are photos from the three digital cameras.

I won't have the photos for the Ricoh until the entire roll of film is used up, which should be within a month.

Which photo do you prefer?

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