Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can't Touch This... Oh Wait, You Can

Every year, it seems that we get closer to realizing the visions of Gene Roddenberry. The technology of Star Trek is the technology of today. Mobile phones from communicators (don't tell me the flip phone doesn't bear a striking resemblance); transporters (at the sub-atomic level, for now); antimatter (I know, it's not technology, but it's something that we only talked about until recently); touch-screens (more Next Generation than Roddenberry's original vision, but he was still ahead of the times)*.

And now we have touchable holograms. Observe...

Mark my words: within 10 years, there will be holodecks opening up in Tokyo.

* Yeah, I know. This post reveals the geeky side of me. I apologize for nothing.

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