Monday, June 13, 2011

Way To Lose A Shopper, Drug Mart!

WTF, Shoppers Drug Mart??

This weekend, I went to my mailbox and retrieved my latest assortment of bills and junk mail, when I came upon the following advertising that had my name and address on it.

What makes them think I'm the kind of guy who A) colours his hair, and/or B) needs to colour his hair? That's one mighty big assumption that this company is making.

Granted, I'm 46. But I'm a pretty young-looking 46. I've been told that I could pass for someone in his early to mid thirties. That's probably because, most of the time, I act like I'm 12.

I rarely shop at SDM. The only reason that the company has my name and address is because several years ago—either before my oldest kid was born or shortly afterwards—I went to our neighbourhood drug store to purchase passes for the Ottawa Tulip Festival, and I was told by the cashier that if I signed up for their rewards card, I could earn an immediate, substantial discount on the festival passes. And so I filled out an application (I don't remmeber providing a birth date, but whatever), received my rewards card, and got my discount. I then went home and cut up the card. I never used the card to earn any rewards points.

I find that for most of the things I need from a drug store, Shoppers is much more expensive than my grocery store. In the decade or so since I received my rewards card, I've maybe shopped in the store a dozen times. And ever since SDM joined the other moronic companies who have no business selling groceries, like Wallmart and Canadian Tire, I take my business elsewhere.

Shoppers Drug Mart doesn't know me. But they seem to think I'm a greying man who is self-conscious of his appearance and desperately wants to hide underneath artificial colouring. And they seem to think that I will use the coupons they just sent me with this mail to buy the product from them. Well, SDM, I don't have many grey hairs, but I earned every one of them. Even if the grey covers my entire head, I'm staying natural.

Thanks for the coupons, but no thanks.


  1. It could have been far worse....say a coupon for Viagra or Depends

  2. Anonymous: You make a very good point, but how do you know I don't need those things? ;D