Sunday, September 18, 2011

Are You Sick of the Whales Yet?

Last one—I promise.

Because I was so busy taking still photos of the whales that we saw off the coast of Provincetown, MA, I kind of forgot that Lori was right beside me, videorecording the whole thing. She captured close to 30 minutes of whale watching.

If you're still interested, and can sit for about nine minutes, you will see the humpbacks breach more than eight times. They also seem to wave at us. Take a look—and our apologies for the times that the camera seems to be recording sky, ship deck, and people's backs. There was a lot of jostling on the bow and very little space. (You can see me at the start of the video, shooting with my D-SLR.)

I will speak no more of the whales.

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