Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to the Whales

When we were away on vacation, last month, I shot more than 1500 photos. That's more than 100 photos each day.

To say that I was a shutter bug is a gross understatement.

Of the 1500 photos, more than 400 of them where of our whale watching off the coast of Provincetown. I received many e-mails and tweets, complimenting me on my photos of the whales. Thank you very much. The were such magnificent creatures, it was hard to take a bad shot.

Some of you have asked to see more of my whale shots, and I aim to please. I finally sorted through and edited all of my shots, and have narrowed them down to an album that represents less than a quarter of my photos.

You can view the photos on my Picasa Web album. There are less than 100 pictures; still a lot, but I hope not too much.

I'm still working on the albums for the rest of Cape Cod, Boston, and Toronto, and I am nearly finished. I'll share them when I can. In the meantime, picture yourself on the ocean with whales jumping around you...


  1. Impressive whale shots! My one whale watching experience was terrible; 90% of the passengers were ill and the weather was so bad the trip was horrifying. Pleased to hear (and see!) that someone had such an amazing experience :)

  2. Thanks, Miriam! I'm sorry to hear your experience was such a disappointment. If you ever get another chance, go again. It's so worth it when the whales come out to play.