Monday, September 12, 2011

Where In Ottawa? September

It's that time of the month.

There are plenty of churches in Ottawa, but which one is this? Where is it?

Think you know Ottawa? Prove it!

The first person to leave a comment on this site will win bragging rights and, as an added bonus, I will give away a PDF copy of Songsaengnin: A Korea Diary.

This is the first manuscript edition, and only a few of these will be available. A second version is currently at the publishers. The biggest change to the final version is the ending, so once it hits the bookshelves, the current version will no longer be available. Who knows? Maybe it'll become a collector's edition!

If you have already won a copy of my book, don't despair. You can still play the game. If you're the first to identify this Ottawa location and already have a PDF of Songsaengnim, I'll send you a book from my own library. You know, a book written by a real writer!

Starting tomorrow (September 13), I will provide clues on the right-hand side of my blog and on Twitter. There will be one clue each day until the location is identified or until Sunday, September 18. If no one has solved the contest by then, the contest will end and the location will be revealed next Monday.

Good luck!


  1. Congratulations, Joe! You are correct!

  2. It's the Knox Pres...oh Joe, always outsmarting me!