Thursday, December 8, 2011

Notes From My Kids: Dear Tooth Fairy

My kids are now at the age where they are starting to doubt the existence of mythical figures, such as Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Michelin Man, and God.

And the Tooth Fairy.

This week, my youngest lost yet another tooth, and she was doubting whether a little winged pixy was really toting coins and exchanging them for discarded human parts. She asked me if her mom ever put the money under her pillow. I truthfully told her: "I've never seen her do it."

I do it.

So last night, when I went to make the tooth-coin exchange, I found the following note.

It's not the first note she's left for the Tooth Fairy. But usually, she just asks for an autograph, which I have forged, using a pink marker that I usually find with the rest of L's colouring instruments. My colour preference, for the Tooth Fairy, is pink. Seems fairy-like to me. But on the day that L lost her tooth, she left a note asking the Tooth Fairy to not take her tooth, because she wanted to show it to her friend at school. She left a spot for the Tooth Fairy to initial, so that L knew that the Tooth Fairy had stopped by.

I initialled it, but in the dark I grabbed an orange marker, not the pink one. Which got L thinking that the initials were forged, not signed by the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy always signs in pink, she said.

And so, when I found last night's note, I had to be careful. And, using a pink pen, I wrote the following.

I wrote in my best cursive, which really sucks. I never use cursive when I write. This way, the handwriting matches nothing that my girls are familiar with. And so, we keep the charade.

Thankfully, she never reads my blog.


  1. Awwww! My son is four and I love that he still loves things like Peter Pan and fairies. I dread the day that he comes home from school and says that stuff is for girls or babies.

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