Sunday, December 11, 2011

One For The Archives

It seems that yesterday's post was just what everyone needed. Within an hour of my first announcement of clue #5 for Where In Ottawa, many of you flocked to my blog and several of you tweeted me with guesses.

But three of you left the correct answer to the location of the contest. However, there can only be one winner. and this time it is Mike Bulthuis. Congratulations!

The location to Where In Ottawa is the central branch of the City of Ottawa Archives, on Tallwood Avenue in Nepean.

Here is a breakdown of the clues:
  1.  Ottawa's main store—this is the central (main) branch of the Ottawa archives (which stores documents and photos of our city)
  2. So new, but so much history—this building opened earlier this year: it's brand-spanking new
  3. The writing's on the wall... er, window—on all of the windows around the building, a document excerpt is etched in the glass (see below)
  4. Not Charlotte's web—the building was going to be named after Ottawa's first female mayor, Charlotte Whitton, but because of the controversy surrounding her racist views, our current mayor thought better of the idea
  5. A colourful place for our colourful past—the new building, as yesterday's photo showed, is colourful: bright yellow and burnt orange, as a matter of fact
The writing's on the wall... er, window

I think what stumped most of you was the fact that the front statue—a box with glowing letters that seems to be floating away but is held down by steel cables—was shot from directly below. It's not an angle that many people see. Because the archives building is set back from Woodroffe Avenue, many may have recognized it from a more-familiar angle, like this one:

Again, thanks to everyone for playing. Let's do this again in January!

And now I have a book to award. Congratulations once again, Mike.


  1. Yep, I would have gotten it with that angle!

  2. Oh man, you know, I actually almost guessed this moments after you originally posted it. I never get your where in Ottawa things, but this one I just happened to pass just the weekend before, while driving the girls to a show at Centrepointe Theatre. AND, as we passed it I thought, I have never noticed that cool statue before, wouldn't it make a great Where in Ottawa for Ross? SERIOUSLY. Then you posted it, and I thought it was it, but How Weird Would That Be, and MAN.

    It really was that weird :).

  3. Lynn: it just goes to show that you should post your guess, no matter how crazy you think it is. You're not limited to one guess, so even if you're wrong, you can always try again as the clues come out.

    I've wanted to shoot that location ever since the statue went up, which was before the building was completed. I pass it almost every day, but I never took the time until a couple of weeks before I posted the pic. Standing directly beneath the statue, I knew I had a challenging shot.

    Except it wasn't a challenge for you, was it? Next time, jump right in!