Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Wasn't Ready For This

Today's blog post was supposed to be a beer review.

I didn't expect my Where In Ottawa contest to be solved so quickly; after all, it was an office building. In Ottawa. It could have been anywhere. And a couple of months ago, when I announced that I would be expanding the area of my contest to include the greater National Capital Region, including Gatineau, I thought that someone would assume that the building in my photo would be of the Terrasses de la Chaudière building, just across the Ottawa River from the National War Museum.

And in fact, someone did guess that building. That was my foil. But what I didn't figure was that that person wouldn't give up.

So my congratulations goes to a gentleman by the name of Tom Elliott, who correctly guessed that the building in my Where In Ottawa contest was the Government of Canada building that was once a Digital Equipment Corporation office tower in Centrepointe, near the Baseline Station transitway, at 2 Constellation Crescent, in Nepean.

I'm going to have to get a more challenging location for April. This is the second month in a row where my contest was solved in one day. Not next time, my friends. Not next time.

Tom: great work! The book is yours!

And the beer review? Well, it wasn't that great anyway (the post, not the beer). I'll have a better one next week (beer, not necessarily the post).

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