Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Now, The Promoting Begins

I've finally reached the end of the tunnel, only to find a long, steep hill to climb.

Songsaengnim: A Korea Diary has finally been released in printed form. You can find your copy on and on, and it will soon be available online, at Chapters-Indigo.

For all of you e-reader fans, electronic copies of my book are also available through the Amazon stores and on Kobo. And there's also Barnes & Noble, which is carrying the hardcover and an e-reader version for Nook. And the e-reader format has been drastically reduced: it's a bargain, at less than $4.

Now begins the time where I promote this book. And because I'm so new to this business, it'll be a steep learning curve. I'm going to approach local book stores and see if they'll let me do book signings. I'm going to see if the public libraries will let me do readings.

And you know that when I do my readings, I'll be doing them as Roland Axam: Scottish accent, and all!

I'm going to tweet about this book until my fingertips develop blisters. To that end, I've created a new Twitter account: @RolandAxam. Follow me there to get links to book stores, learn about where I'll be reading and signing copies, and other promotions.

And now I'll have to learn how to maintain two Twitter accounts at once. So much to do.

I would love to find other ways to promote my book, so if you know of any ways, I'll be forever indebted if you contact me. Please either leave a comment, below, or contact me at

To my Media friends and followers: HELP!

Thanks for your continued support.

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