Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Notes From The Barbie Council

The following post is from January, 2011, taken from my other blog—before The Brown Knowser and before many of you were following me. Last night, when I was thinking about what to write for today's post and was coming up empty, this old post popped into my head.

If you've already seen it, I hope you enjoy it again or will accept my apologies. For the rest of you, cheers. I'll have something new tomorrow, for Wordless Wednesday.

I don't remember making signs when I was a kid and posting them on my bedroom door. But my girls do it all the time. You may remember some signs that Sarah posted on her door in December. One was very nice, warm, and welcoming; the other, not so much.

Recently, I spied the following sign on Lainey's bedroom door:

I'm dying to know what "BIG" issues those dolls have to take to their empty, hollow minds (I mean the Barbie dolls, not my kids!): What's up with the new horoscope designations? Whaddya mean, we aren't moving into the Dream of a Lifetime home—we didn't win?? Why is there a cake sitting in the kitchen but no one is allowed to eat it? When is that guy in the house going to get his hair cut? Or finish his book??

Maybe—just maybe—some gruesome, Satanic ritual is being conducted, and the Barbie Council is carrying out heinous acts, such as this...?

Though Lainey's spelling is sometimes questionable—and in her defence, she is only seven—her handwriting is really improving. But her creativity is rock-solid!

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