Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rewind: September 10-14, 2012

This is a week that I've wanted to end almost all week long. It's a weekend I've dreaded.

I'm so tired from such little sleep (4 to 5 hours each night); I have so many chores to do to get the house ready for autumn. And so little time in which to get it done.

So while I'm working on my chores, maybe you can take a break and see what I've been up to this week in The Brown Knowser.
  • Beer O'Clock: Tasting Overload—maybe I'm also tired because I drank a lot last Saturday (and on Tuesday, and a bit Thursday night...).
  • Post Deleted—I should never blog when I'm angry. I'm very sorry for that one; it reflects poorly on me.
  • Wordless Wednesday: Piano Man—photos that I had initially rejected from my photo walk. A tribute to Oscar Peterson.
  • Please Help Me Win a Contest—I'm going to continue asking until all of you have voted, so do it soon.
  • Photo Friday: Photo Art—if not for photo editing, this shot would have never been seen.
Enjoy your weekend!

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