Friday, April 19, 2013

Photo Friday: Empty Spaces

This was a last-minute-decision shot, one that I hadn't planned to take but thought to myself, "if you don't take it, you'll regret not having it later."

When in doubt, take the shot. Nine times out of 10, you won't use it. But at least you'll never beat yourself up over having not taken it.

Last Sunday, just before my family and I left Mississauga for home, we made a stop at the Square One Mall. My wife wanted to shop for the girls at the H&M and at some other shops that are either not in Ottawa or are not convenient for us.

Because I hate to shop, I dropped my wife and kids at one of the mall's entrances, and then decided that I would take some photos of the area. I had been looking at The Absolute Towers since we arrived (they were nearly completed two years ago, when we first came to Mississauga for a dance competition, but I didn't have time to shoot them then) and figured it was now or never (or not until we returned for the next Candance).

I drove to the top of the parking garage for The Bay, where I shot my first couple of photos. On my way up, I noticed that the garage was deserted: not a single vehicle on the second, third, and top levels. It seemed a little eerie driving up and down these concrete platforms, so I decided to capture the loneliness of this urban setting.

I took four shots: the first, at a normal setting; the second through fourth shots were bracketed because I wanted to play with some HDR effects.

I'm arranging them in this blog in no particular order. Can you tell which is the "normal" shot and which is the combined three (the HDR shot)?

Okay, it may be an easier challenge than I thought.

Happy Friday!

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