Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rewind: April 1-5, 2013

Well, it's April. The cruellest month. Sure, we're in spring, but the snow and winter-like weather is not yet done with us. Two days ago, we saw sunshine and temeratures near the double digits. And then, yesterday morning, Ottawa awoke to a light coating of snow.

A friend of mine, who celebrates his birthday on April 6 (all the best, Don!), once told me that it snowed more often on his special day than it didn't. Since then, I've made a mental note, and while I'm not 100-percent sure that he was right, it does seem to snow on a lot of April 6ths. We came close: yesterday.

I never take the winter tires off my vehicles until the second week in April because I know that if I do, Murphy's Law will kick in and I'll end up with my car in a ditch. I plan to swap the tires on my car tomorrow and on my van next week.

This weekend promises to be a decent one, to be truer to our ideal image of spring. But before you enjoy the weather, why not start your weekend off with a roundup of this week's posts on The Brown Knowser and Beer O'Clock?
At Beer O'Clock:
  • Girly Beer—I still maintain my opinion. I just watered it down a bit.
  • Breakfast Beer—this morning, I'm proving that claim.
 Enjoy your weekend.

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