Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Friday: In The Wings

Early yesterday, I started thinking about today's blog post and pondered what I could shoot that would be worthwhile. Being in Mississauga for a dance competition, I'm not in familiar territory.

Sure, I've been here before and stayed at the same place just two years ago. But being here primarily for a dance competition, one in which photography is strictly forbidden, I had to think outside the box... er, venue.

Very close to where we're staying are unique twin towers that beg to be photographed. The Absolute Towers seem to twist skyward, almost in a dance of their own. What better structures to photograph? And I found a good spot to stand to take the shot, so it seemed like a done deal.

Except, the weather didn't cooperate.

With the snow storm warning through Southern and Eastern Ontario (and with up to 25 cm of snow expected in Ottawa, it's a good time to be away from home!), I was met with rain, fierce, cold winds, and ice pellets. Not the kind of weather I choose in which to photograph. So I pondered some more.
About mid afternoon, as I helped with props backstage, I enjoyed the way the stage lights played off the kids who waited in the wings for their dance numbers to start. And it hit me.

Photography was prohibited in the theatre. Technically, I wasn't in the theatre: I was backstage. The rule is established to prevent anyone from photographing the performances. From where I was positioned, I could only see a fraction of the stage and couldn't see any of the performance. Besides, my subjects weren't part of the ongoing performance.

To be even more discreet, I didn't hold the camera to my eye. I merely sat it on my lap (by this point, I was sitting, waiting to move the next props), aimed in the general direction, guessed at my settings, and fired.

What do you think?

I still hope that the weather improves and I get a chance to shoot the Absolute Towers before we go. They really are eye-catching.

Happy Friday!


  1. Very cool photos! The colors on these are amazing!

    1. Thank you very much. The colour is all due to those stage lights: they were blinding.