Monday, April 1, 2013

Where In Ottawa: April 2013

This is no April Fool's Day joke.

I only took one photo of the location for this month's Where In Ottawa challenge. Here it is.

If you have figured it out already, you're really good. I bow to your expert knowledge of our city.

If you haven't figured it out yet, here are the rules:
  • The first person to leave a comment on this post with the correct location of the photo wins the challenge. An answer will only be accepted in the Comments section of this post (no tweets, Facebook messages, or e-mails will be accepted).
  • If you were with me when I took this photo, you cannot play.
  • If you have won a Where In Ottawa challenge in the past, you may still play; however, the only thing that I will award you is bragging rights.
The first person to correctly name the location will be rewarded with a PDF copy of my novel, Songsaengnim: A Korea Diary.

I'm hoping that I can return to this location and get a full shot before the challenge is solved.

Clues for the location will be posted, starting tomorrow, at the top of the right-hand column. One clue will appear every morning until the challenge is solved.

Think you know Ottawa? Prove it!


  1. I believe that we're looking at the building at the north end of Major's Hill Park.

    1. You are good, my friend! Yes, this is the maintenance shed in Major's Hill Park, across the street from the National Gallery.

      Because you've already won a copy of my book, you only win bragging rights. Thanks for playing, Matt!