Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sometimes, Hate Gets the Upper Hand

I took a break from the terrible news to get away from it. But my thoughts kept returning, so I turned to my keyboard.

On days like today (yesterday, or later, for you who are reading this post), we are sadly reminded that all is not well with the world. Just as with 9/11 and the London attacks of 2005, we are reminded that our everyday lives can be turned upside down, that the people who are full of hate can unleash that negativity with such life-altering results.

It's hard not to be affected, even when we're far away from the devastation. And my heart goes out to the families, friends, and loved ones of those affected by the tragedy in Boston.

I have been to Boston, have stayed within a block or so from where the explosions occurred. When I saw the images on television, I knew exactly where the attacks took place because my family and I have been on that street, on those sidewalks.

The view from our hotel room in 2011, looking toward the finish line for the Boston marathon.

As the only non-running member of my family, I have stood near the finish line, watching and cheering on my wife and daughters as they wrapped up their races.

And so this particular attack hits close to home. It saddens and sickens me far more than the other acts of violence and terror (and those touched me, as it touched so many others around the world).

On days such as these, on days where hate gets the upper hand, we need to stand firm, move forward, and not shrink away. The people of Boston have shown just that.

And so hatred won't have the upper hand for long.

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