Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In Over My Head (Almost)

This weekend, when my girls and I were visiting family up at the lake in the Gatineau Hills, I had Lori snap a picture of me while I was swimming.

When I saw the photo later, I thought to myself, that sums up me and my life perfectly, right now: up to my neck, nearly in over my head.

This photo is now being used as my Twitter avatar.

I felt that life was getting so busy, so hectic, that I was drowning. I have more projects on the go at work that I can't work at them all at the same time. I get confused, having to try and remember which issues go with which document on which product.

At home, I have so many chores that it would take me a couple of weeks, without interruption or distraction, to get through them.

And, in whatever leisure time I have left, I have blog posts to write, photos to shoot, and novels to write.

If I'm lucky, I get five hours of sleep each night. Once in a while, I'm spoiled by seven.

I love to write and I love this blog. Though I know many of you read it on a regular and semi-regular basis (and I thank you for that), I really write this blog for myself. It's where I can dump some of the things that overflow from my brain. I find that writing these blog posts is probably more satisfying and a lot cheaper than therapy.

I promised myself, when I started blogging in 2008, that if I ever thought of this writing as work and not relaxation, that I would stop. Last week, I found that to be the case with my other blog, Beer O'Clock. And so, today, I wrote my last post on that site.

Beer O'Clock started as a regular post on The Brown Knowser a couple of years ago, but when I started reviewing more than one beer a week, I felt that those posts deserved a place of their own.

But, being busy with work, the family, and just trying to enjoy life, dammit, I felt that some nights I had to bust my ass reviewing a beer while thinking up something fun, or though-provoking, or creative on this blog.

Beer O'Clock soon seemed more like work than with enjoyment, and I felt that I had to produce a post, rather than wanting to do one.

So, goodbye to that blog.

Without repeating myself (I know many of you read both blogs: again, thank you), I've decided that if I want to share a great beer with you, I'll do so here, prefacing the title with Beer O'Clock, just as I had before I spun off my beer blog.

I hope that those of you who enjoyed my beer thoughts will continue to do so here. I hope that once I start wanting to review beer, it will no longer feel like a chore.

And I won't feel that I get in over my head with things to do.


  1. Don't stop writing about beer Ross. You're insight and recommendations have never steered me wrong.

    1. You're too kind, Scott. When I find a beer worth writing about, you'll find it here. The rest will be on Untappd (and we're already connected, so you won't miss out).