Monday, July 8, 2013

Lemieux Island

Guesses for the last Where In Ottawa challenge came in after a few days and clues, but in the end it was solved on Saturday by someone who already has a copy of my book. But that doesn't stop Marc from claiming bragging rights for knowing this city.

Congratulations, Marc.

The location is Lemieux Island, along the Ottawa River, where one of the city's water-purification plants is located.

Here are the clues, explained:
  1. Not "fire" works—while the water flowing from the fountain sort of look like fireworks, they aren't. They are water works, just like the water works plant where this little pond is located.
  2. Water, water, everywhere... but is there some to drink?—located on an island in the Ottawa River, you can only drink the water after it is processed at the plant.
  3. All will be made clear—at the water-purification facility.
  4. Future O-Train stop?—the Prince of Wales Bridge, which runs north and south of the island, is owned by the city and may someday carry passengers from Ottawa to Gatineau. Perhaps the line will add a station along this line?
Where In Ottawa returns on August 5.

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