Friday, July 19, 2013

Photo Friday: The Coming Storm

I love keeping my D-SLR in the car with me. It means that often, when I see a photo op, I can whip it out and start shooting.

Assuming that I can pull over somewhere safely and legally, and that I'm not late.

On Wednesday, as I was driving along the Ottawa River Parkway, heading west, I could see dark clouds moving eastward, that rain was falling, and that the sunshine, which was only able to peek out from time to time previously, was now being consumed by the coming storm.

The light was dramatic, with the orange glow of sunshine being capped by black clouds, and fine tendrils of streaming water was falling from the sky.

I wanted to capture the moment immediately.

Unfortunately, being on the Ottawa River Parkway, there is nowhere one can pull over. Neither safely nor legally. There are turnoffs for parking areas at Westboro Beach and the Deschênes Rapids, but I had already passed those and was approaching Lincoln Heights.

And, besides, I was running late for picking my daughter up from camp.

Instead, I sped up a little, hoping that by the time I reached the day camp, the dying sunlight wouldn't disappear completely. That the rain would not reach me.

As soon as I pulled into the camp parking lot, I could see my daughter waiting for me, but I went straight for my camera and walked to where I had the best vantage. The light was almost gone, but not quite. The rain was still falling in the distance, but not as intensely nor with as much stark contrast.

I shot anyway, hoping that post production could help bring the image closer to what I first saw.

Not quite, but close.

Moments after taking the shot and loading my kid into the car, the rain hit. At least in terms of not getting drenched, I had perfect timing.

Happy Friday!

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