Thursday, December 12, 2013


When I was in my teens, I used to tell people, "I'm the best friend money can buy."

(I still say that.)

But now, I'm also essential. According to OttawaStart, that is.

The Ottawa information and events blog named it's top 40 picks for Ottawa blogs in its Essential Ottawa Blogs list, and The Brown Knowser made the list.

I'm honoured.

I remember reading the list when it last came out, in 2011, when my blog was fairly new (I ended Brownfoot Journal that same year). I saw the blogs that were listed and I thought to myself, I hope I get as good as these blogs, I hope I get a lot of readers, and I hope they like what I do.

I'm not worthy.

I see the blogs that are on this list and I've read many of them. I'm in very good company. Many of the blogs in this list were also in the 2011 list. And they're still great, if not better.

I have to pull up my socks.

Thank you to Glen Gower for adding me to this list. Thank you for recognizing me for what I do (though my blog is more than photos and beer).

And thank you to my readers who continue to visit my site. You keep me going.

Which reminds me: this month's Where In Ottawa saw a readership, which continued even after the location of the photo was solved, that returned to regular numbers. Apparently, you still like the post.

And because you made me see that it is an essential part of my blog, I'm keeping it going.

Check out the list of essential Ottawa blogs, and follow these folks if you aren't already doing so.

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