Tuesday, December 10, 2013


When Steve Jobs died, in 2011, Apple, understandably, displayed a photo of the man on their corporate Web site, showing the man that co-founded the company and the years that represented his lifespan.

One would expect no less with the passing of their iconic figure, who seemed as large as the products he created.

This weekend, when my wife and I wanted to do some online shopping at the Apple Store, we saw this when we went to the store's Web site.

And I was sad.

Sad, not just for the passing of a man who eclipsed not only Jobs, but every other world leader that comes to mind, but I was sad for the fact that Apple would display this man on an online store's site.

Like he was a spokesperson for Apple.

It was, to me, as though Apple was saying, "We're all sad about the passing of Nelson Mandela. And, while you're shopping online, remember that Apple proudly produces the iPod Touch in black and white. In harmony: just like Nelson wanted."

I decided not to shop at the Apple Store. Not this weekend. Not this holiday.

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