Monday, December 9, 2013

Music Monday: The Wanderlust

I was first introduced to the Canadian Indie-rock band, Metric, by a friend who only knew me as Roland Axam. Naomi and I were discussing music when she told me her favourite band had just released a new album, Fantasies. She e-mailed me MP3 files of some of their earlier songs, Poster of a Girl, Wet Blanket, Monster Hospital, The Police and the Private, and my favourite, Too Little Too Late.

A week later, I had a copy of Fantasies and had my family loving the band.

When Metric came to Ottawa for the 2010 Bluesfest, the Brownfoots were there, in the crush, as close as we could get. Emily Haines was electric on stage: she moved non-stop, bouncing from her keyboards to guitar, dancing end-to-end across stage, and literally bending over backwards to please the crowd (I have the photos to prove it).

And, of course, she's smokin' hot.

When the band announced the release of Synthetica, I ordered it immediately. (It's the last CD I purchased—everything's been downloaded from iTunes ever since.) Before I had the album in my possession, CBC Radio played a track, The Wanderlust, which features the accompanying vocals of the late, great, Lou Reed, who only passed away in October.

You can read Emily's thoughts on Lou Reed here.

So, here's Metric's The Wanderlust to carry us on a Monday.

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