Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Friday: Slow Count

When I take a time exposure, I never use a clock. My exposures aren't precisely calculated.

I guess. I tell myself, "that's long enough." Sometimes, I count, coming as close to seconds as I can.

Sometimes, I have songs in my head, and I'll play the tune to myself and think, "when I get to the second verse, that should be long enough."

By the time Lori and I got to the Wakefield Mill, last Friday, as a getaway and to celebrate her birthday, the light of the day was waning. It was overcast and a light snow was falling, but I wanted to take some evening photos behind the mill, where the water fell and rolled down towards the Gatineau River.

Lori had a spa appointment—a pedicure—and I had an hour to kill until dinner.

By the time I set up, there was very little light; tucked into a valley, darkness came quickly. Every shot I took would be a long exposure.

I counted. I softly sang to myself, careful not to disturb the couples enjoying the nearby outdoor hot tub. For this shot, I thought that about 30 seconds would do (f/14, ISO 100, 22mm).

The metadata says the exposure was 29.5 seconds.

Nah, I don't need a watch.

Happy Friday!

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