Monday, January 6, 2014

Where In Ottawa: January 2014

Happy New Year!

For my first post of 2014, I want to wish all of you happiness, good health, and prosperity. Being a person who has a preference for even numbers, I expect this year to be spectacular.

Because this is the first Monday of the month, and because last month you showed me that my monthly contest is still a favourite post, I will continue to test your knowledge of this great city that I hold so dear.

Thank you for showing you care. You have made Where In Ottawa a defining feature to my blog: one that I am happy to continue.

If this is your first visit to my blog or your first visit to this challenge, welcome. The rules are simple:
  • The following photograph was taken somewhere in Ottawa. The first person to correctly identify the location wins the challenge.
  • If you were with me when I took the photo, you cannot play.
  • Submissions to the challenge must be made to the Comments section of this post. E-mail or Facebook messages, or tweets will neither be accepted nor responded to.
  • If you have won the challenge in the past, you may play again; however, no prize will be awarded if you win again.
  • If you win the challenge and are eligible to claim the prize, you have until the next challenge to do so; otherwise, the prize goes to next month's winner.
  • The winner of Where In Ottawa will receive a PDF copy of my novel, Songsaengnim: A Korea Diary.
  • If the location of the photo isn't identified today, a clue will appear at the top of the right-hand column. A clue will appear each subsequent day until the challenge is solved.
That's it. Ready to play?

Think you know Ottawa? Prove it!

Update: In a few, short hours, Where In Ottawa has been solved. Congratulations to Christophe Ledent, who correctly identified the Old Nepean Town Hall, in Westboro. A copy of Songsaengnim will be delivered shortly.

I will post more photos of this historic site later this week, for Wordless Wednesday.



    1. Yes!

      Congratulations, Chris! You've solved the location.

      My wife told me I was showing too much of the building: I should have gone closer.