Friday, January 17, 2014

Photo Friday: Tilted

Are you getting tired of my Bate Island Project? With 258 photos of the same view, are you looking forward to the end?

With just over seven weeks to go, it'll be over soon enough.

But you have to admit: seeing how the weather has changed, how the lighting has varied, how that bush in the foreground has nearly drowned in water, budded, filled out with leaves, coloured, and gone bare again, how birds and people have come and gone in the frames, is all rather interesting.

When I chose this subject, I picked my 50mm lens because I didn't want to zoom up on Parliament Hill and I didn't want to go wide and make the cityscape insignificant. But there are times where I wished I could capture more sky.

Because, on some days, the sky has been spectacular.

Like it was on Tuesday, at sunset. The low-hanging sun set the glass on some buildings on fire, their reflection lighting up the ice on the river. Above my frame, a few lazy, cotton-ball clouds reflected warm pink and cool purple. I wanted the sky, but my project prohibited it.

So, after my project shots, I tilted my camera upward.

Much better.

Happy Friday!

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