Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Virtual Coffee

Ever want to have coffee with a friend but can't find the time?

No worry: now you can share coffee time, virtually.

Last week, Starbucks Canada introduced its Tweet A Coffee plan, where you can send a friend, through Twitter, a coffee. Well, not a coffee, exactly. You can purchase a gift certificate, starting at $5, and send it to one of your tweeps. Your social-media friend receives a tweet, with a link to an online coupon, which they, in turn, can print or add to their Starbucks account.

The recipient can also take his or her smartphone to a Starbucks, where the coupon can be scanned.

I learned about the offer through a friend, who posted the link to her Facebook page with a tongue-in-cheek request for coffee. Interested in trying the tool, I sent her the $5 coupon.

Within a matter of minutes, one of my Twitter friends, who knows I love coffee, sent me a coffee tweet. I seamlessly transferred the tweet to my Starbucks app, and before you could say "coffee time," I was enjoying a coffee and muffin.

The tool is infectious.

What do you think? Would you use this method of sending a friend a coffee, through Twitter? Have you done it?

Just remember: my Twitter nickname is @RossBrownfoot.

Now, if only you could tweet a beer to someone...

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